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Takdir Illahi
satu tarikh yg paling bersejarah
Assalamualaikum pembuka kata, aku mls nk update blog nk bwat mcm mana? =P aaa.....esok 29hb Januari...satu tarikh yg paling bersejarah dalam hidup aku...knapa? biar aku bersama orang-orang yang mengetahui.....

29072014 my fire dragon bday...happy bday GEARLD TAN....big boy already! Kids nowadays vy good life....already bring him eat 2 good meal le....jack place n ah yat abalone....ha ha ha. ..JP IS DEFINITELY WORTH MY MONEY....While another is lousy than any zhu just the name....no1 will go back again....1 thing I vy worry abt him is his character....right now he is 75% like his father....oh good ar....4 more years can marry le ar? NO NO NO....Please dont!.... . ... ..... .... .... I miss u miss me? I know is a NO.......but I still wanna ask...did u bake anything new? I know it 1 click away....but I cant...I already create alot of trouble for her.... U all might say I vy cb...ya...I admit I vy cb....I know I sld call or email her say sorry....some of u might say y I worry so much n Care so much for what....when she definitely wont bother....ya...I still the cb 1 who care.... Buddy I cant stop nagging at the same time... (more)

General musings and specific updates
Well well well, if it ain't Carina coming crawling back to her faithful old blog. What's it been now, three years since my last entry? More? Before I started this entry I went and typed into my URL bar and it came back saying that this blog had been deactivated due to inactivity. Luckily all I had to do was log into my blogdrive account to get it all back again. Nothing deleted permanently, thank god - I know I don't treasure this virtual diary as much as I used to but it would still suck to lose all those pubescent musings of mine. Reading back on my old entries takes me back to a different time, almost like a past life. The people around me have changed so much since then, and I daresay I've changed a fair bit myself (though still not as much as some people. More on that later perhaps). Heck, reality just isn't the reality it used to be. I still remember the old days of getting an exam mark back and full-on rambling like "hmmm did I expect this mark?... (more)

re-echoing rooseveltâ€
l economy’
solutions to global financial..

RE-ECHOING ROOSEVELT’S ‘PHYSICAL ECONOMY’ SOLUTIONS TO GLOBAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE Erle Frayne Argonza My beloved country remembers the late Franklin Delano Roosevelt very well. It was his presidency that paved the way for preparing the Philippines as an independent state, by first granting the country the status of a commonwealth with its own constitution (1935 Constitution), and by permitting such domestic government to prepare the legislative measures and policy environment for a future independent state (granted independence in 1946). Roosevelt’s regime also paved the way for the developmental paradigm that would propel the Philippines along the road to industrialization (we now term this as Import-Substitution Industrialization). The paradigm, based on the works of previous thinkers Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich von List, and the exemplar development policies of Abraham Lincoln, puts great stress on the ‘physical economy’ as the foundation... (more)

my May birthdate
The flavor was also a simple choice: strawberries are always a harbinger of sunny days and summer vacation to me (they also remind me of my birthday - I almost always have something with strawberries to celebrate my May birthdate). Strawberry ice cream, with the strawberries roasted to bring out their flavor. To play up the whimsy of Alessi's bowl, I decided to swirl in some marshmallow creme - it adds a touch of fluffy lightness to the rich, custard-based ice cream. To keep the marshmallow separate from the rest of the ice cream, swirl it in at the very end by hand instead of adding it directly to the ice cream machine - I learned that the hard way! To make it a proper sundae, I topped the ice cream with some almond praline and Valrhona chocolate pearls. I love adding crunch to ice cream, and I also like how the marshmallow and the chocolate give a subtle neapolitan theme to the sundae. Big Love comes in a variety of summer-bright shades, but I was particularly smitten by the... (more)

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